New track ‘Ice Flares’ [FR-EN]

May 5th, 2023

“Ice Flares” raconte l’histoire des vies et phénomènes perdus dans l’ambre cyclique de l’infini, prisonniers de boucles temporelles, découvrant soudainement la possibilité de l’avenir.
Depuis les submersions répétitives, l’abandon systématique face aux colonisations, l’avènement inéluctable des civilisations carcérales, surgit enfin un temps qui se déroule vers l’inconnu, l’indéterminé.
Depuis les fatalités de l’eau et du minéral, vers un feu imprévisible.
Ce morceau prend source dans les paraboles de Siste Lys et d’Etter Lys (le commencement de l’une étant la fin de l’autre), et en suggère une sortie par les flammes.
Il a été enregistré pendant la session studio du 3ème album à venir, et propose une articulation entre les trois disques.



‘Ice Flares’ tells a story of lives and phenomenons lost in a cyclical infinite amber, trapped in endless loops, suddenly discovering a possible future…
Since the repeated submersions, the systematic abandonment faced with colonisations, the inevitable emergence of carceral civilisations, a time finally emerges towards the unknown, the indeterminate.
From the deaths of water and minerals to an unpredictable fire.

‘Ice Flares’ draws on the allegories of Siste Lys and Etter Lys (one’s beginning is the other’s end), suggesting an exit through the flames.



Sparks were finally spat from all sorts of lungs. And in flames came the end of the everlasting cycles of steadiness and uproar, cracks and concrete, oceans and droughts. Lives did not have to surrender to jailers anymore. Time opened itself and tweaked the cycles until they unfold. While back then, waivers, drowning worlds, used to be trapped in laps of eternal falls and total floods. Lives, stuck in senile mires, were turning in loops for ages with a few variation of eternities. Until the amount of filings in the skies was irreducible and anything close set on fires. Floors dried up, fog burned like gas and lives drained their waters away. Then, civilization was feeding on itself and melted copper or hard steel were its only emanations. Frost even fled the memories. Time is unsettling when its wings deploy toward the unknown.


Recorded and mixed by us.
Mastered by Thibault Chaumont.
Artwork by Synckop
Released by À Tant Rêver Du Roi & Medication Time Records


Ingrina 'Ice Flares' artwork