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"Ice Flares" Out now - Digital

Upcoming shows

  • Oct 5th, 2023

    Cold Crash

    w/ Fragments, Arkitects Failure
    Rezé (FR)
  • Oct 6th, 2023

    Le Cirque Électrique

    w/ Panico Panico
    Paris (FR)
    • Oct 7th, 2023

      Les Lunatiques Festival

      w/ Birds in Row, Psychonaut, Lisieux, Mütterlein...
      Pacé (FR)
    • Nov 4th, 2023

      Des Lendemains Qui Chantent

      w/ Birds in Row
      Tulle (FR)

    About Ingrina

    Ingrina photopromo 2023

    Ingrina is the name of a remembrance, of a sensation of vital ecstasy that this civilization seeks to make the living forget. It is also the name of an escape. The one rushing towards less hostile underworlds in which time itself is overtaken. Ingrina is the swaying experience of an unfinished yet longed-for desertion.

    (Over) Populated with three guitars and ghostly vocals, Ingrina strives to convey the melancholy caught between everything that is collapsing and what is beginning to emerge.

    Etter Lys, their debut album, describes the ordeal that life forms undergo when met with total colonization in the form of flows and streams: the liquidation of landmarks, the dissolution of knowledge, and finally abandonment, followed by… emergence.

    Siste Lys, their second effort, picks up pieces of the previous album, depicting the reappearance of the jailers, the walls and the present. This dark veil conceals movement, and makes the last rays of light an ecstasy, the memory of which will have to fight to persist.

    Latest News

    New line-up [FR-EN]

    Jun 24th, 2021

    As we are publishing these lines, there are five of us living what happens next, and we might be more later on.